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Vignoble Dideron  Domaine Cadenette Quick View
Vignoble Dideron Domaine Cadenette 2009
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Clear and garnet color, with a nose of red berries that opens into an elegant, warm and fruity palate with structured tannins and a long finish. This wine goes well with meat dishes of all kinds, grilled salmon, and lightly-sauced pastas. Serve at 16˚ C to 18˚ C.

VDP Gard


¥2,080  (incl. tax)
Maison Abbotts Unicorn Cabernet Sauvignon Quick View
¥2,082  (incl. tax)
Maison Abbotts Unicorn Merlot Quick View
Maison Abbotts Unicorn Merlot 2007
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

This red wine goes well with foie gras plates, pork, cherry tart and basque cheese, as well as cherry jam.

¥2,082  (incl. tax)
Maison Abbotts Unicorn Syrah Quick View
Maison Abbotts Unicorn Syrah 2007
France, Languedoc-Roussillon
¥2,098  (incl. tax)
Domaine Salvat  Fenouill Rouge Quick View
Domaine Salvat Fenouill Rouge 2006
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Deep red color.
Nose of dark berries and spice.
Supple, round and light on the palate, with dominating fruit.

This wine pairs well with: several light dishes or grilled meats

Serving temperature: to be served cool, at 15˚C to 18˚C

¥2,195  (incl. tax)
Les Vignerons de Terrats  Terrassous Rouge Quick View
Les Vignerons de Terrats Terrassous Rouge 2008
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Color: beautiful, strong garnet
Slight nose of forest floor and venison.
A tannic structure is well displayed on the palate with a spicy finish.

This wine pairs well with: charcuterie plates, grilled meats, game and cheeses

Serving temperature: 16˚C

¥2,279  (incl. tax)
Maison Abbotts Turrilite Quick View
Maison Abbotts Turrilite 2006
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Wine & Food

This wine is perfect with grilled lamb, game and cheeses
Serve chilled (18°C)

Languedoc - Roussillon   
AOC Minervois

¥2,355  (incl. tax)
Cotes d'Agly  Château Montner Quick View
Cotes d'Agly Château Montner 2006
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Ruby/garnet in color with notes of licorice, pepper and spice, this is a complex wine possessed of a strong character that conveys the subtle lavender, sage and other shrubland scents associated with the Garrigue soils of the vineyards that produce this wine.

Enjoy this wine with red meat, springtime vegetables, cooked fish or fine cheeses. Serve at 16°C after letting breathe for 20-30 minutes or decanting.

¥2,801  (incl. tax)
Domaine du Gros Pata  Cuvée Sabine Quick View
Domaine du Gros Pata Cuvée Sabine 2007
France, Rhone Valley

It has a garnet-red color with brown highlights.
Very fruity, with notes of vanilla and spice at the finish. Fruity, very ripe fruit, supple tannins. Blackberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant.

Aged in oak barrels.

This wine pairs well with: white meat, poultry, and feathered game such as pheasant

Can be aged up to 8 years.

Serving temperature: 17˚C to 18˚C

¥2,825  (incl. tax)
Vignoble Dideron  L'Yeuse Quick View
Vignoble Dideron L'Yeuse 2008
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

This wine is made from grapes that are selected from among the oldest vines of the Cadenette estate. Its maceration lasts a month in order to obtain the appropriate concentration. The strength and spice notes of the Syrah are straightforward, accompanied by aromas of toast, vanilla and cinnamon. Aged in oak barrels.

This wine goes well with meat in sauce, game and beef ribs. Serve at between 16˚ C and 18˚ C.

¥2,853  (incl. tax)
Domaine de la Rochelierre Fitou Cuvée Tradition Quick View
Domaine de la Rochelierre Fitou Cuvée Tradition 2007
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Deep garnet color with mineral notes of flint. Aromas of dark fruit and peppery spices. Fleshy on the palate with silky tannins. A straightforward finish of licorice and red fruit. This wine goes well with chicken or veal, fish (grilled or in sauce) and fine cheeses. Serve at between 16˚ and 18˚ C

¥2,853  (incl. tax)
Les Maitres Vignerons de Cascastel  Domaine de La Grange Quick View
Les Maitres Vignerons de Cascastel Domaine de La Grange 2004
France, Languedoc-Roussillon

This wine has a brilliant ruby color with soft aromas of well-ripened red berries. The body is ample and quite well-balanced. Enjoy this wine with sauces, game, cassoulet and cheeses. Best served cool, between 15˚C and 18˚C.

¥3,113  (incl. tax)