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Right at the heart of Alsace, on a 14,5-hectare the Four generations of the Stentz family set great value on tradition as well as progress, thus respecting the natural heritage transmitted by our elders. The true founder was Aimé STENTZ (1928-1979) and his wife Angèle who launched an expansion program, by having the estate spread on 12 hectares.


In the Sixties, right in the middle of a viticulture crisis, they decided develop the range of wines as: Riesling in 1964, Pinot Noir in 1967 and Pinot Gris in 1974. In 1975 Aimé Stentz was able to offer his customers the full range of Alsace wines.


Since 1979, Aimé's sons Etienne and Louis oversee the estate with great team of dedicated women and men to handle while complementing each other and have also to act in their respective fields. 




Located on the fractal zone which gave birth to the Rhine Valley, Alsace has a deeply varied geological diversity.


Spread on 7 villages, our vineyard is made up of  55 parcels, stretching out on 14,5 hectares. These extremely varied soils (clayey limestone, sandy granite, alluvial gravel) make it possible to choose the adequate terroir for each grape variety:  this will allow the full expression of the fruit first, and then the terpenic aromas linked to the terroir.


Each winegrowing village of Alsace has a number of 'lieux-dits' (places with a specific name, usually linked to local history or geological composition of the soil), known since the Middle Ages. Some of those 'lieux-dits' are today classified in the AOC Grand Cru. Others, while not listed in any specific appellation, are among the note worthiest terroirs, as:


The ROSENBERG is a terroir which extends the Grand Cru Pfersigberg.

The STEINGRÜBLER in Wettolsheim a terroir which produce A very spicy Gewurztraminer

HENGST in Wintzenheim which produce very young wines with a very expressive character

SOMMERBERG in Niedermorschwihr the terroir where the Riesling is the King

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