Vignoble Dideron


Geographical Location
The vines of La Cadenette extend over 70 hectares between Nîmes, an ancient Roman city, and the Mediterranean. It reaches the plains, but does not quite reach Camargue or the banks of the Rhône, though siliceous pebbles have been left here by the river a very long time ago.
Sometimes the Mistral comes from the north and sweeps through the valley, but overall the hot sun heats the stone and the vines. The terroir is ideal for the production of full-bodied red wines and sunny rosés.                         
A cadenette is a braid of hair that infantry soldiers during the 18th century wore on each side of their head.
In 1860, a farmhouse was built that was surrounded by vineyards belonging to the Count and the Countess of Bernis. Le Domaine de la Cadenette was so named due to the way in which the neighboring fruit trees were all knotted up.
In the early 60s the La Cadenette vineyard became the property of the Dideron family that moved here following the events in Algeria, resulting in the management of the production being given to Pierre Dideron.

The Vineyard
The first generation kicked of a long process of restructuring the 70-hectare vineyard and restoring the production process.
This consisted of updating the storerooms, expanding the vineyards, replanting quality varietals (Grenache and Syrah), and an environmentally-sensitive fight against vineyard diseases.
This long and patient work has ensured for over ten years that the wines of La Cadenette are appreciated and recognized for their consistent quality.

Varietal Types
Since 2003 the encépagement consists of:
37% Syrah
32% Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon
22% Grenache
9% Carignan
The average age of the vines is 20 years.
The total production is about:
2200hL of Costières de Nîmes red
550hL of Costières de Nîmes rosé
1500hL of Vin de Pays du Gard

Country France
Region Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation Costieres de Nimes, VDP Gard

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